Heyo, buddy!

What kind of obligations are you trying to avoid right now to end up on this page? Unless you are my Music Minor coordinator (who actually has to go through it, because I primarily made this website for school), you must be feeling pretty desperate, ha?

Either way, I would like to welcome you to the 5 months of leftovers from my studying in the Netherlands!

*confetti blow up*

Most of the people seem to be quite amazed when I tell them I study Music Marketing and Management, like they don’t know that sex, drugs and rock n’ roll area is a history. The music industry has been taken over by hardcore vegans, chic hipsters and illuminati.

Ok ok, but first things first… For those who don’t know me, I am actually a pretty sweet person. I just sometimes like to abuse language and act completely inappropriate. But my offensive comments are usually meant in the nicest imaginable way, I swear. I just got hooked on bad Dutch humor, that’s all. 

So what exactly can you find on this website (besides A LOT of bullshitting from my side), you wonder? Let me see… Weird mindmaps summarizing music movies, some essays about music, my egocentric concerts/festivals reports and six quite extensive projects.

With different groups of students, we started up our own record label, booking agency and management company. Some calculations for accountancy class almost took down Kanye West (almost) and with the same group we came up with our own music festival. However, one of my favourite tasks of this semester was creating a (simplified – cause we are a bunch of lazy international students after all) music guide to Slovenia.

Try not to get lost on this page. It contains dark magic, wicked spells and well, some great examples of poor English knowledge. Be careful, all this nonsense can make you go insane! 

As you can probably already sense, I am cheesy and like to exaggerate, so I will shamelessly announce that this Erasmus rollercoaster served me with one of the craziest rides of my life! But hey – amusement park is a big place. Let’s go see what other attractions they offer!

*Cover photos: Tom van Huisstede